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How much is a standard stole?

A standard stole made from cotton/linen blend is $38.00 This includes - Your child’s first and middle name with a small cross underneath on one side, and the Sacrament (eg. Baptism, Eucharist etc.) date and symbol on the opposite side. Please see the Gallery.

Satin Stoles are an additional $12 - Total price for a Satin Stole is $50.

Additional charges apply if you add fringe/lace (+$5), extra name/surname (+$5) or Godparents Names on back collar (+$20)

A standard stole automatically includes the small cross which appears under your child’s names.You do not need to choose your cross option when entering your details.The cross which appears under the child’s names will match the colour of the symbol you choose (eg. gold or silver)

How long does it take to make a stole?

Stoles, including bundles, generally take 3-5 days to make. I can also make them urgently (next business day)

This does not include postage time which can take up to five business days (see below)

During school holidays only, if your stole is urgent, please call me to ensure that I am able to complete it in the required time.

Sometimes during the year, I take a break. If and when I do this, I always add the details in the heading of the “shop” page.

What is the size of the stole?

Stoles are 145cm long and 10cm wide.

All embroidery work is fully enclosed and is not seen.

Baptism stoles are made with an added pleat, making the stole slightly shorter, and enabling the size to be altered according to the child’s age and sacrament needs. This allows further symbols/dates to be added as required for Reconciliation, Eucharist and Confirmation.

Can I see a proof of my stole?

No. Because all stoles are personalised and made to order, therefore a proof is not possible.

Your order will look exactly as shown online - Sacrament (eg. Baptism, Eucharist etc..) Date and Symbol on one side, and two names with a small cross on the opposite side. The only change will be the relevant name/dates, according to your individual requirements, as well as any additions you may choose to make.

Do you make special orders?

Yes. If you don’t like the layout of the stole, draw a rough sketch of how you would like your stole to look and email it to me.

It is advised when drawing your custom made stole to choose symbols shown on the ‘symbols and fonts’ page, as this makes it easier to complete your order.

If you have a specific image that you would prefer, please send this to me. If I don’t have it on file then it can be digitised, at an additional charge.

I already have a stole. Can you add to this?

Yes. I can add to the stole the church has provided, or if you have an existing stole from previous sacraments. Ideally, the stole needs to be at least 10cm wide. If you have a narrow stole which has been provided by the church, I can still add to this, however, the name of the sacrament can not be included eg. the words Baptism, Reconciliation, Eucharist and Confirmation, do not fit. Only a symbol and date. Please click here to view the image.

All you need to do is follow the details by going online o the existing stole order form, and entering the information you would like to have added. Please make sure to select postage for the return of your stole. Send it to:

Nancy’s Creations
23 Glendalough Court

Alternatively, you can call Nancy on 0412 554 368 to arrange an appointment to drop the stole, however, I recommend that you go online and check the symbols and font’s page to make your selection prior to attending your appointment.

What is the price breakdown to add to an existing stole?

Adding to a blank stole - (your stole must be 10cm wide - or wider) to enable me to add your sacraments.

If the church has provided you with a blank stole, or you have previously purchased a stole, the price to add all details for one sacrament is $35. This will include child’s first and second name with a small cross underneath on one side, and the Sacrament details (eg. baptism) date and symbol on the opposite side.

Adding to an existing stole (eg. Reconciliation, Eucharist or Confirmation) - If you have a stole from a previous sacrament, the price to add the child’s details is $20 per sacrament. (This includes, Sacrament details (e.g. reconciliation) date and symbol.

Caring for your stole.

Stoles - whether Cotton/Linen Blend or Satin - can be given a gentle hand wash if required. If removing stains, please follow the instructions as stated on your stain remover product. It will not affect the embroidery work. Always give the stole a good press with steam iron. This will restore the stole to it’s original condition.


Size and pricing of candles.

Small Candle - 50mm x 170mm - $10 - Does not include child’s name and date of sacrament
Small Candle - 50mm x 170mm - $20 - Including child’s first name and date of sacrament
Large Candle - 68mm x 210mm - $20 - Does not include child’s name and date of sacrament
Large Candle - 68mm x 210mm - $30 - Including child’s first and middle name and date of sacrament

Other candle options.

Unfortunately, the writing on candles is available in Gold or Silver only.

Co-ordinating ribbon (e.g. blue or pink) can be requested in place of Gold or Silver. Please add this request in the special instructions at the base of the order form.


What are the prices of your bags?

All Library Bags are $30.
Santa Bags vary depending on the size/option you choose. All options can been seen in the Shop page.

How long does it take to make a bag?

Bags take two weeks to complete.

Urgent orders are available upon request.

Do you make special orders?

Yes. If you don’t see anything in the Gallery page that you like, send me an email with an image that you would like on your personalised bag, and I will contact you to discuss the possibility of completing your order.

Caring for my bag.

All bags are made using high quality durable cotton drill and lined with high quality cotton muslin.

Bags can be placed into your washing machine and then steam ironed to return it to it’s original condition.


What is the average price of an heirloom quilt?

Prices of quilts vary depending on -
- Size required
- Photo’s included
- Complexity of Pattern/Design

Quilts marked as “Regular” have the correct price indicated on them. Other prices shown are approximate only.

How long does it take to make an heirloom quilt?

Generally Heirloom Quilts can take 8-12 weeks to make depending on the complexity, size and pattern.

I don’t encourage rushing quilts, however, they can be made in 6-8 weeks if required.

Quilts marked as “Regular” are available within 4 weeks (except during school holidays)

Do you make special orders?

Apart from those quilts marked as “Regular” all quilts are made as special orders.

Caring for your quilt.

Gentle hand wash is all you need to do with your quilt.

Never leave quilts in the sun as this causes the fabrics to fade.


Postage Prices.

Single Stole - Standard Mail - $5 - This is untracked and can take between 4-6 business days.

Single Stole - Express Post - $9 - Tracking Number will be emailed once stole has been sent - Next Day Delivery.

Multiple Products/ Bundles - Standard Mail - $12 - Tracking number will be emailed one stole has been sent. Allow 4-6 business days for delivery.

Multiple Products/Bundles - Express Post - $17 - Tracking number will be emailed one stole has been sent - Next Day Delivery.

Single Candle - Standard Mail - $10 - Tracking number will be emailed one stole has been sent. Allow 4-6 business days for delivery.

Library and Santa Bags - Standard Mail - $5 - This is untracked and can take between 4-6 business days.

Quilts - Quoted on order.

Bulk Items - Quoted on order.

Pick-up from Watsonia North is available by Appointment only or via Drop Box - please read conditons and disclaimer below.

All efforts will be made to organise a suitable time for you to call over and collect your order. However, in the instance where a mutual time can not be arranged, then your order can be safely placed in the drop box located on the front verandah. Rest assured that your products will be safe, as the area is monitored by CCTV.

DISCLAIMER - All persons coming onto the premises must take care for their own safety and that of other persons accompanying them for whom they are responsible for. No liability will be accepted for loss, damage or injury to persons or vehicles (including contents) however such loss or injury is caused.

Once your order has been shipped, Nancy’s Creations does not accept any responsibility for loss or damage to you package and can’t be held responsible for postage delays once your order has left our care.


Confirmation of your order.

Once you have placed your order, you will receive an email confirmation. If you don’t receive an instant confirmation email, please check your junk mail. If it does not appear in your junk, please check that you have finalised your payment by going back to your cart.

Please take the time to check all the details you have provided to ensure that the information is correct. All products are personalised and individually made. Once commenced, they cannot be changed.

If you have failed to answer a mandatory question, the order will not process and your order will still be in your cart.

Please email me if you have followed the above instructions and still haven’t received a confirmation.

What you see

Although images of our products have been taken using a high quality camera, fine detail may not be evident. If you would like a better look at particular products, please contact me and I will email you a larger image.

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